Now launched Everyathlete.com

We have been working on this for over a year and I hope that it deeply encourages people in the walk with Jesus.  As every athlete has a story and every athlete has an opportunity to walk with Jesus and learn to worship him in his sport.  Every Athlete is a place where ‘God, Faith and Sports’ (stories) unite.

Here is a  teaser.  go to the site…follow us on twitter and facebook.  You can use this as a tool to let people enter into the faith journeys of many of college athletes that our staff with Athletes in Action pour into and work with on college campuses across the nation.  Thank you for all your prayers.



  1. Taylor,

    Love it! Just passed this link on to my brother, a couple of my girls and some of my favorite coaches, youth pastors and young life leaders. Totally excited to see how Jesus uses this to draw hearts to Him. 🙂

    Lord pour out Your richest blessing on these students who have shared their stories!



  2. That is an amazing website–every athlete. I like the set up.

    Continue pouring Your Spirit on Taylor and on these websites he’s connected to. Double portion Father. Continue speaking and moving deeply during all His seeking of you and loving you and loving those around him. In Jesus’ name.

    (Love you Christina!)


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