MERCY is God’s supply system for every need everywhere

MERCY is that kindness, compassion and tenderness which is a passion to suffer with, or participate in, another’s ills or evils in order to relieve, heal and restore.

MERCY accepts another freely and gladly AS he is and supplies the needed good of life to build up and to bring to peace and to keep in peace.

MERCY is to take another into one’s heart JUST AS HE IS and cherish and nourish him there.

MERCY takes another’s sins and evils and faults as its own and frees the other by bearing them to God

This is the Glow-of-Love.

This is the Anointing.

by Rex Andrews in his book: What the Bible Teaches about Mercy

This is a little bit about what I have been learning.  There will be more to come and a letter to all supporters letting them know what is going on.  May the Lord be merciful to you today and you learn to be merciful to others.

Jesus is Mercy

You can also substitute Jesus’ name for mercy in the above definition.

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