AIA Baseball Sports Complex Instructional Camp

11.04.09 018
Matt Richter our AIA Baseball Sports Complex Director gives final remarks to the players ages 8-18 as they finish up their last tuesday thursday baseball session with us. We provided excellent baseball instruction, mental preparation and each of the coaches shared their story of how Jesus changed their lives.

From Sept 15- Oct 22 on Tuesday and Thrusday’s around 20 baseball players ages 8-18 were participated in the Athletes in Action baseball instructional camp at our home facility in Xenia, OH.  What a blessing to be able to teach the truth of the game of baseball, challenge them mentally and be able to share our stories as a staff as to how Jesus changed our live and called us to us baseball as a platform for Jesus Christ.

I got to participate by running our infield instruction, base running and helping with our heading.  We had an amazing staff with tremendous help from the parents and coaches of some of theses players.  One thing we offered and encouraged was parents and coaches to be on the field to listen to what we were teaching their sons so that they can help remind their son later on to make truths we teach about baseball become a habit in the way the practice and play.

11.04.09 020
John Henschen our AIA baseball staff for the Great lakes league team Xenia Scouts shares his testimony and challenges our campers to seek Jesus first before baseball.
11.04.09 008
I had the privelage of working with the infielders. Here we are doing short hop drills.

11.04.09 019
Next to Matt Richter is Jonny Picard a former teammate of mine who played with me in college. Jonny helped work with our outfielders and hitters in between working at the air force and going to school. thanks Jonny 🙂

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