Grateful for your giving

As we reflect on 2022! We are so grateful for God’s provision through so many people. Since we have kids, we watched the movie “Encanto” a lot this year. The house is destroyed like ours and the community helps them put it back together. We feel this love from a community all over the world as we have received over $50,000 in our goal towards $300,000 in gifts this year via (Venmo, Checks, Cru Donations, Zelle and Gofundme. That is not including all the housing provision in which we were/are able to stay. Thank you Jesus and thank you community of friends and strangers for helping us in this very difficult year. Remodeling started in December and will probably go through April/May. Then we have to clean the stuff we still have in our garage and move back in. Thank you so much for helping us in the journey. Check out this Encanto video that shows the power of how you have been part of our community and rebuilding our home.


Taylor, Katie, Eve & Campbell

Venmo @Taylor Hargrove (Nicholas

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