Campbell Update & Reflections on Christmas

Campbell’s face in the womb at 32 weeks 🙂

3 Comments on “Campbell Update & Reflections on Christmas

  1. My heart is heavy as I just listened to your message about your son. Happiness takes a turn as we search introspectively for reasons, answers, questions, and our routine priorities swiftly shift to a different level. Katie, I can not imagine how you feel. Life becomes a blur and thoughts race, searching for answers. God selected two special, faithful people to be this child’s parents. He will provide the strength to help you with the journey. May God give you courage and peace.


  2. Praying for this family, especially precious Campbell Obadiah Jude Hargrove. Lord, have mercy and compassion and bring your healing touch on this precious baby. In the mighty name of Jesus Christ. Amen and AMEN.


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