KT-Grove October 2017

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October update 2017

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One Comment on “KT-Grove October 2017

  1. B you (do) tiful!!
    My grandson was in ICU in 2012.
    I recall that I was unable to visit for the first days as I was getting over a slight cold. Finally, I visited and prayers were answered as I viewed the little body filled with tubes, fluids and padding. I nicknamed David ‘unas’, Spanish for fingernails as he had none. The title did not last. He developed fingernails over night.
    I do praise the Father for your lives of reaching youth. Only a gathering of grace filled disciples could call so many to hear and see his Work.
    I continue to pray and will reach out at a later date.
    “Father, you are my God. You are the Light which surrounds this loving family. Your love is so real as these four doers move about your Kingdom. Remove the obstacles, the disdain, the objection. And instead increase the belief, the believers and the redeemed. In your Name. Now and forever!


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