Life After the Cleats? Interview with Jeremy McChesney

4.21.11 Life After the Cleats

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Interview with Jeremy McChesney Graduate of UC Davis
Athletes in Actions' Campus Ministry branch that is student-led AIA staffed mentored. This is what do during the college school year. Check out our website
Frank Reich, Kim Anthony and Jim Kelly will get inducted into the Hall of Faith at our Athletes in Action Headquarters in Xenia, OH. Pray for the Hope of Glory, Jesus to shine through them as they share their stories and many business men and woman are invited to come. This is a great opportunity to share the gospel with non believing business col-lieges who look up to these athletes who are in turn looking up to God. I am grateful I will get the opportunity to serve with this event possible giving people a tour of the property. Also trying to connect local volunteers to help with the event.

Sports Complex is my Summer Assignment.  A Video Update with more details coming soon…until then check it out

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