Acts 1:8 continued -Listening Evangelism-

2.8.11 Listening Evangelism-

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Perspective Cards-

Emery Riddle University

Acts 1:8 continued…

Glory to Jesus!

Acts 1:8 “Emery Riddle and the Ends of the Earth”

Dear Loved Ones,

What do two Jamaican male engineering majors, an Ecuadorian and an atheist all have in common? No, this is not my latest dumb joke. They all have a desire to be heard and valued on some of the most important issues in life…themselves! That is exactly what the ‘Perspective Cards’ tool does, that four of us (Campus Crusade Staff) used on Friday Jan 28th at Emery Riddle in Daytona Beach, Florida. And wow what love is poured out through being quick to listen and slow to speak!

Perspective provides a disarming approach to a spiritual conversation, allowing others to share their perspective about five important topics: Nature of God, Human Nature, Meaning of Life, Identity of Jesus, and Source of Spiritual Truth. In each category, participants choose the card that best represents what they believe, and then they tell you why they believe it.

Perspective looks and feels like a card game, it takes a conversation that may seem abstract and intimidating and makes it tangible and non-threatening. And, as you move through the cards, you find yourself relaxing and actually enjoying the conversation.

Perspective allows you to come alongside others in their spiritual journey. And, as you ask questions and listen well, you’ll find an abundance of opportunities to talk about Jesus, share your perspective, and invite others to respond to the gospel.” ( quote taken from


Perspective Cards - Listening Evangelism

Stephen and I met a Jamaican student named Nicholas who started to pick out which views best represented his thoughts and feelings about the nature of God. His friends Elizabeth soon arrived who was openly atheist and very passionate. All we had to do was ask them why those cards they chose best represents their opinions and the flood gates were poured out. By the time Angelica their Ecuadorian friend got to the table just outside Starbucks, we were into some deep heart discussion. Angelica started to ask us questions like, “What we were doing while we were there?” and “What was our story.” Stephen and I were shocked that they wanted to know about us; We had been listening and asking questions for about twenty minutes. Stephen was able to share his story and parts of how Jesus provides hope for all mankind. Time was left for me to share my story as well and we could see that as we shared their eyes lit up with hope that Jesus Christ transforms lives as they heard what he did in ours.

Liz had to go to class and thanked us because she had a lot to talk about and not ever shared it with anyone. She felt loved and valued and asked for more information to get connected. Angelica and Nicholas then invited us

to Chick-filet and we met up with their friend Kadeem. Nicholas hooked us up with some lunch (What a blessing!) and Angelica started to open up and share with all four of us her story and journey in her walk with God. Kadeem then chimed in with his thoughts and Nicholas as well. Angelica said you know what, “No one has ever asked me to share my story before!” with tears of joy and thankfulness. I could tell that she wanted to share. The table realized that these topics don’t get brought up much because people are afraid to deal with conflict or don’t really care.

Stephen and I sat with them for about two hours and were blown away by the desires and hunger for God in their lives. We were able to pray for them and encourage them in the incredible conversation. What amazed me was the love of Jesus Christ being manifested in that time, giving people an opportunity to think and allowing the Holy Spirit to stir a hunger for truth and experience for Jesus in their lives. All mankind is made in his image and regardless of what I agree with or disagree with in their opinions, I am still called to love one another, love my neighbor and by this they will know that Jesus is King!

Lies again in my own heart were disarmed “that people don’t want to talk about God”. But in fact all four of them in their own way really did want to talk.

Romans 10:13-15 For “everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved. How then will they call on him in whom they have not believed? And how are they to believe in him of whom they have never heard? And how are they to hear without someone preaching? And how are they to preach unless they are sent? As it is written, “How beautiful are the feet of those who preach the good news!”
I AM THANKFUL FOR… You! Your prayers and partnership has kept me afloat and encouraged me that even though Jesus disciplines his sons he doesn’t revoke his calling.

2) Thank you for believing in Christ in me the hope of glory and sticking with me in the midst of a good and merciful crushing from God. 3) I am thankful to be recommissioned as a fulltime Campus Crusade for Christ employee (Feb 6th). 4) I am thankful for all the opportunities to pour out into college students here in Florida. 5) I am thankful to meet new people and rekindle old relationships as I share the story of how Jesus has been good and merciful to me.

Please pray for me to be a blessing to all those I come in contact with. I am thankful for the passionate love of Jesus waking us up everyday and the incredible stories he writes for us all. Holy Spirit minister to everyone who reads this letter challenge them to be beautiful feet, to listen well, love well and declare you heartbeat and truth to others. In Jesus amen.

Perspective Cards

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