Locks of Love


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1 year & 9 months = 10  1/2 Inches



3 Comments on “Locks of Love

  1. Very cool Taylor. 🙂 Does your head feel all light and weird now? The first time I did locks of love, I cut off 14 inches and I seriously got a headache because my head was so much lighter w/o the weight of the hair. Lol. It took me like a week before I could wash my hair without reaching to where there USED to be hair with the shampoo.


  2. That’s SO funny, pre-hair cut video. Congratulations. 🙂 The hair looks great!


  3. hey coach, just thought i would say hi. hope all is well with athletes in action. i am sure missing you as a cocah back here in denver, but i really like what your doing and i wish you the best. Good luck Coach, your the best.

    P.S. i like your new hair cut, and those are some funny videos


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