July Newsletter 2008

Back from Africa Newsletter “Becoming Less”


(Click above on blue text to download newletter)

Scroll down to see added videos to old blogs.  IMPORTANT  go to “AIA Basketball” page to the right to see videos and see staff leaders from South Africa and Mozambique.  Also if you feel led to support them financially, get their newsletters feel free to contact them as I put donation information and emails next to their name.  Staff in other countries have a very hard time raising support even though the cost of living might be less than in America.  I pray the Spirit may lead you to continue to invest in these countries in prayer, resources and finances.  Maybe God might call some of you to visit, especially because they need help for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa.

or click here They play on some computers and don’t play on others.  I think you need adobe flash player 9.

For more videos and inspiritational stories of the olympics go here which was the website of the bracelts we handed out to everyone.

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