Wow your prayers have been paving the way as our team instantly bonded in training camp in Johannesburg South Africa. We had 3 guys from South Africa and one guy from Bulgaria join with us for 5 days of training. We are in Mozambique and have had amazing impact.

Prayer of the seceratary of Government of Maputo Province in Mozambique. The head of the sports department for the province. National press conference where we shared of purpose of integrating sports and Jesus Christ to empower their basketball players to help transform the community, their province, their country and the world. The concept of mixing sports and Jesus to change communities is new and well received. Bibles are like gold down here as many of the leaders and coaches are receiving the Bibles in Portuguese we ask them to promise to teach their kids.

We have visited an orphanage with Iris Ministries and played against their younger guys and loved on the kids, then shared testimonies. Their spirit is very receptive to the Holy Spirit in prayer looking for great things of God. We will go back to them in a few days.

Tonight we put on a “Basket Show” for over 6,000 fans and play an all star team from Mozambique. We will teach them a worship song we learned in the Zulu language and hope the Spirit of God hovers in the praises of the people.

Our clinics have been excellent in developing the fundamentals of the well talented players. They just need basic drills and discipline, they have been as hungry to learn about Jesus as they have basketball.

I have a lot to say and no time to do grammar check. I tried to load 10 pictures and it took alot of time and failed, sorry I will load them when I get back to the Us.

Our whole trip has been a blessing and our focus is prayer. Thank you for joining with us in making a difference in Mozambique and South Africa. I am grately humbled by the favor, protection and unity God has provided for us and the warm hospitality of the people.


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Some Lady Lion Love

One Comment on “T.I.A. “THIS IS AFRICA!”

  1. Taylor,

    Thanks for writing this and for the photos. I am Ben’s mom, Our thoughts and prayers are with you as you all are the tangible touch of Christ. Blessings…..Leslie Kent


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