Families, IHOP, T-Bones, and more

Former Athletes in Action TCL player Steven Trout playing professionally for the Kansas City T-Bones

Pictures at Kansas City T-bones with Steven Trout who played with AIA baseball Texas in 2006.  I used to play against the T-bones.  Trouty is doing awesome and anchored in the Lord. I am staying with Jason and Debra Lester in Lebanon Ohio and their three boys Noah, Elijah and Jonah.  I will move to Xenia, Ohio when I get back from Africa.  Jason was the General Mangager for the Mineral Wells Steam the last 5 Years for AIA team Texas and the president of AIA Baseball for a long time.  Now he is encharge of the Athletes in Action Sports Complex in Xenia, Ohio.

Lester son’s Elijah and Jonah helping me make a video.

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