AIA S. Africa Hoops 2008

AIA Basketball at the "Basketshow" in Matula, Mozambique
Basketball was the game, but their was an exchange of stories and a touch from Jesus Christ on all of us as a result



Depending on your computer and internet connection some videos may take a while to load

Click to hear testimony and worship in Zulu

This Ryan Cox’s testimony followed by an amazing song  sung to us by high school students in a public school in the Soweto neighborhood of Johanesburg in South Africa.  If you want to cry definately listen to this; her voice can change a nation.  Pray for them to rise up in the midst of extreme poverty, sex crimes, aids, very little parental figures and lack of hope.  The Lord says, “blessed are those who are poor in spirit”.  Who would think that anything good can come from Soweto but you can witness first hand the power of their spirit in their music.  May Jesus use them to change their community.

The words are “Avulekile Amasago”

which means “fling open the gates or heaven’s gates”

hayi hayi hayi x3 then iyo oh amen.

“Thina siphuma emnqamlezweni sithethlelwe izono “

which means “we come from a place of struggle or our sins are washed away.”  I was confused as different South African’s said they meant different things.  The bottom line is that their worship blessed us deeply that morning as we were very tired and needed a fresh filling.

Alpha and Omega Worship Song


Some other Soweto groove

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Taylor Speaks to media in Mozambique as Fernando our AIA representative translates into Portugueese

Meet the Team Leadership

(Some Pictures are Still Not Uploaded)

Team Director Clint Mahan

Head Coach Joey Stiebing   &  Pastor Magahti (Missionary from Kenya to Mozambique)

Assistant Coach John Aiken and Wife Michelle Aiken

Trainer Lisa Martin

Utility Player and prayer warrior Tiffany Kuhn

(Above) South Africa Regional AIA Staff Chris Dirks

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Catch their vision for South Africa World Cup 2010

(Above)AIA South Africa Basketball Staff and our team leader in Jo-Burg Aggrey

( Family photo  Jede, Aggrey, Nikki &)

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AIA Girls Basketball Staff Roslyn and Tiffany

(Above) Campus Crusade for Christ Mozambique National Cordinator Arnold and Rebecca Nzova

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Mozambique Operation Caleb

Mozambique Team Leader AIA Volunteer Fernando and Manuel

Mozambique Ministry Team Langa, Alphonso, Flavio

Simon and His Wife

The Team

Larry Sharret

David Mehlhorn

Travis Knutson

Jason Mcgraw & Ben Kent-

Jason McGraw

Ben Kent & Sosa (Ana’s son)

Shooter, Myself and David Perkins- Click Here to see his pictures

Ryan Cox and “Shooter”


Matthew Chapman

Marshall’s Pictures

AIA Team Blog late posts

AIA Team Blog Late Post #2

Our Beanie Baby Border Martyr  (There is no diamonds in there silly!)

Just a little shout from me in case you missed it.

In case you miss my scream  I tried to teach our Mozambique basketball kids at our clinic before our Assistant coach John Aiken shared his testimony.  They did alright.  Remember shouting can break the power of darkness.  I dare you to try.

4 Comments on “AIA S. Africa Hoops 2008

  1. Tay–you da man!! Way to go buddy. The trip looks and sounds awesome. I’m mega proud of you.


  2. Taylor,

    Your Texas family is extremely proud of you and the ministry that has been provided to the African people through AIA.
    We miss you “son” and hope to get together soon. We are proud of you and the road you have taken.

    Jim & Debbie Mann

  3. Wow…I love the worship. I love how they worship with all their hearts without holding back, without extra stuff attached. I love their expression to God, their style. 🙂

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